Gaviota, CA                                                                                                            Taken by Marrisa Dumford

                                                                                                                               Gaviota, CA

                                                                                                          Taken by Marrisa Dumford

Hello there!

I'm Connor, nice to meet you! First I should probably explain my name. My mom is Irish whose last name is Savage, while my dad is from Vietnam whose last name is Bui. When I was younger, I didn't acknowledge or enjoy the differences in my family history until I understood how unique my sister and I were. My sister helped me design the tattoo on my shoulder to celebrate the differences in my family history and to remind me to stay unique to myself.





Adventure Photography

Zion National Park

Taken by Marrisa Dumford

I originally got into photography because I love to travel! I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and always enjoyed outdoor adventures and sports from hiking and camping, to rock climbing, surfing and beach volleyball. Once I graduated from UC Santa Barbara, I spent 6 weeks traveling through South East Asia and since then I've been hooked. Now living in Santa Barbara, CA I'm in a perfect location to enjoy both the beach and the mountains. I only started photography in January of this year, so I'm still figuring out my style. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Trips planned for the future:

  • Bend, Oregon
  • Portland, Maine
  • New York City

I'm eager to learn more and would love to collaborate on new projects. Feel free if you just want to say hi!